Why Sojourner and Keeper?

I am not the greatest at predicting the future, but I can imagine that you may be wondering why I named this site "Sojourner and Keeper." The answer is simple.

I am a sojourner through this life. I wander and wonder. There is so much that I know nothing of. I worry about some of life's big questions like how do we help the homeless and those below the poverty line, how do people end up in sex trafficking, why are there sex traffickers, and how do I live out the Sermon on the Mount in my life?

I am also a keeper. I am a keeper of memories and of my family legacy. There are also certain values and beliefs that I keep that serve as the framework from which I live out my life.

And you are a sojourner and keeper. I am sure that you have wanderings and wonderings. There are questions you have and also memories and beliefs that you keep. We all work from this kind of framework. However, I don't believe that we often allow space to discuss these things and as you will soon discover, I believe that discourse has power. We all spend our days talking about ideas, people, and happenings; why not focus on discussing ideas, people, and happenings that can actually change people's lives for the better? 

It is my ultimate hope that the ideas discussed in this corner of the internet will seep into your real life conversations. I hope that you will be inspired to turn off your TV, shut down your computer, and spend time around the table with those you love (and maybe even a couple of strangers too) talking about the big and little ideas you have and how we can impact other lives for the better.