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The Plan: practical tools we used to help a homeless family find permanent housing

Welcome to part four of the homeless series where I recount the story of how we had a homeless family of four (two adults and two children) live with us for eight months and worked with them to get them into permanent housing. In my last post, I told the whole story of having the homeless family live with us - including some of the tools we used to help this family get into permanent housing. Today I am going to narrow in on the tools we used to help this family.

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A Prepared Heart

I know that hosting a homeless family for eight months because I saw a Facebook post may appear impulsive, but in actuality, I feel like God had been preparing to say "yes" to that post for years beforehand. When I spend time reflecting on our decision to host the family, I realize that the reason for hosting this family was all due to a book. 

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