The day I met my “made just as he should be” boy.

The day I met my “made just as he should be” boy.

Do you believe in hiding physical flaws? Do you believe in accentuating some parts of your body so that you can hide your flaws? 

I used to believe in that. I used to believe my widows peak was my “flaw.” I would constantly google “how to cut hair to hide a widows peak,” and I would avoid pulling my hair back lest I would reveal my flaw. 

Then my sweet first baby was born. The moment my son was put in my arms forever changed me. I mean, of course it changed me, any parent will tell you that parenthood turns you inside out in the best way. But parenthood also changed the way I viewed my physical self. 

When my son was placed in my arms, I didn’t pick apart how big or small his ears were, nor did I chastise his nose or tiny fingers. I looked at my son and thought, “he is absolutely perfect.” There was no comparison. He was just as he should be. 

So I don’t hide my “flaws” anymore. In fact, I don’t believe in physical flaws (though I do believe in taking good care of what you have been given by eating well, moving your body, and bathing). I look in the mirror and think, “Yep, made just the way I was supposed to be made.” 

I hope that you do the same too. You are just as you are supposed to be.