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There is nothing worse than writing compelling copy, proofreading it several times, and finally hitting the publish button only to instantly receive a comment from a potential client that they found a typo.

But we have all been there.

English is a notoriously difficult language to master. On top of that, your brain is working against you as it fixes written mistakes for you.

And that is where I come in.

But first…

We need to decide which service you need. Do you need copyediting, proofreading, or both services?

In case you didn't realize there was a difference between copyediting and proofreading (don't worry — many don't!), I'll clarify it for you.

Copyediting is a process where one reviews a written piece and edits it for content, organization, purpose, readability, and accuracy. Copyediting also serves to ensure that the article is free from error, inconsistencies, repetition and that the format is consistent with the chosen style guide.

Proofreading is the final process and ensures that the written piece is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. A proofreader will also mark any issues with the layout (wrongly numbered pages, weird line breaks, misplaced headings, etc.).

As you have probably guessed, copyediting entails much more and is a longer process, whereas proofreading is a fairly quick process. 

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my creds

Not only do I consume 100+ of books a year (including plenty of books on grammar and style guides), I also have an degree in English from Washington State University. On top of that, I worked at WSU's writing center for two years and instructed English 102 courses at WSU.

I also have over five years of experience copyediting and proofreading for professionals. I copyedited traditional media ads when working at a direct advertising firm. And currently, I copyedit an array of copy for B2B and nonprofit companies. I also copyedit writer’s essays and articles.

I have experience copyediting and proofreading everything from blogs to website copy to email marketing campaigns to ad copy for traditional media.

Am I a Good Fit for You?

I can help you if you are a business professional or writer who does not have a dedicated copywriter or proofreader on your staff.

I cannot help you with legal documents or accounting literature, though I do know a terrific lawyer and a CPA who can help you with that!

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The Process

My copyediting and proofreading process

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Step one

You submit your project details and whether you need copyediting or proofreading services. I will then give you a quote and service agreement. Once we agree on the terms, we will hop on a quick call so I can understand the purpose of the copy.

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step two

I get busy copyediting or proofreading your project. And you begin resting easy knowing that this time you won't get any snarky comments about errors in your copy.

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step three

I return the piece to you in either Google Docs or Word (your choice), and you make the necessary changes. Then you plug in your copy, send it back to me for one quick run-through (to catch any extra spaces or accidental keystrokes), and then you hit publish! (This time, without that pit in your stomach.)


 Ready to work with me?

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