First Post

This is it. This is the post that has stopped me for years from starting a blog. To me, the first post had to be monumental. It had to set the tone of the blog. It had to tell the reader what to expect. I wanted it to be well thought-out and a good predictor of the future. Ah - to hell with it all. I think I am supposed to write. I believe I am "called" to write and I'll be damned if this one stupid "first post" is the little thing that is stopping me from doing what I love. 

If I know anything about writing (and for the record - I only know a little) it is that the best writing tells the truth. So here is the truth: I am absolutely terrified of putting myself out there. I love writing, but I am afraid of your criticism. I also hate being a hypocrite and when you freeze your thoughts in time through writing, you will almost always prove yourself to be a hypocrite. 

With all that being said, you are probably beginning to wonder, "so why am I here, and what is in it for me?" The purpose of this blog is to explore ideas. I passionately believe that people can solve big world problems. However, we can't solve big world problems, if we don't ever talk about big world problems. It is my hope that some of the ideas discussed on this blog with inspire you to talk (not talk on the internet - but actually have real-life conversations) about what is right in the world, and what is wrong in the world and what you can do to help. And then it is my prayer that you go do it. I strongly believe that our thoughts become our words and our words become our deeds and I hope that this may serve as your jumping off point. 

With all that being written, I am now going to hit publish on my first post. That wasn't so bad.