The Future of Sojourner and Keeper

The Future of Sojourner and Keeper.png

Did you know I started Sojourner and Keeper in the Spring of 2017 as a digital media marketing consulting company? 

In March 2017, three different business owners contacted me about helping them with various aspects of digital media marketing (digital media strategy, social media strategy, email marketing, and content writing — this is what I did before becoming a stay-at-home mom). So after meeting with these business owners, I decided to start a digital media marketing consulting company.

I always planned on launching this website as a business website. And then a few months after starting my business, my life took a drastic turn when my husband and I invited the family to move in with us. 

They only lived with us for eight months, but it honestly took another year after they moved out for me to get in a place where I had the margin to focus on growing my business. 

I continued to serve my clients, but I knew I couldn’t take on any more business. So my website turned into a place for me to process the experience of having the family live with us and write about ways we can better serve the homeless community. Behind the scenes, I was also working hard on my mental health. 

However, now I am in a place where I have much more margin, and I am ready for more. 

I will still continue to write about homelessness. However, I am also going to write about other things I am passionate about, including some business-related articles. 

I am currently booked solid for digital media marketing consultations. However, I do have availability for my copyediting and proofreading services. 

If you have any need for copyediting or proofreading, please contact me. I would love to help you! If you want to learn more about my background, credentials, and the services I provide, click here.

Finally, thank you for coming along with me on this journey. The support I found in the days following my initial post about hosting the family was incredible and very appreciated.