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Surface Level: Why we haven't found a solution to the homeless crisis

No one knows me better than those who have lived with me. My parents, sister, college roommates, the family that lived with us last year, my husband, and my children know me best. They know me best because the facade I show to the outside world can only be held for so long. Once inside my home, the smile fades, the frustrations show, and my feelings bleed through my shaky exterior. The people who live(d) with me know that I clean obsessively when I am stressed, have a weird (and kind of gross habit) of pulling out my hair when I am bored, and can binge watch the Office like no one's business.

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On Weather

It’s February, and it’s snowing. 

Did you know that winter doesn’t end until March 20th? March 20th is the last day of winter. Right now it is February, and by my very premature calculations, we are smack dab in the middle of winter. But from the information I am gathering from the grocery store checkout line, from Facebook, and from that one person I always see at church - it is supposed to be Spring. 

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On Reading

I am a reader. And that is my Papa's fault.

From my later elementary years on, every time I would see my Papa the first question he would ask me was, "What book are you reading?" It honestly never occurred to me that my answer could be, "I am not reading anything." And so I read. Sometimes I read because I enjoyed it. Sometimes I read just so I could have an answer to give to my Papa. Along the way, though, I fell in love with reading.

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On Fear and the Different

As a little girl, I often thought about traveling. I thought about going to India or China or the Middle East. I liked to think about these places because they are so unfamiliar and to be perfectly honest these places scared me a little bit. However, they scared me in a good way - like the type of nervousness you feel before setting out of a great adventure.

That said, two things have always held me back from actually traveling…

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On Intentional Learning

Do you have educational “goals” for your children? Things that you want them to leave your house knowing? I do, and in the realm of education, I filter everything through these long-term goals. They are as follows: 1.) I want them to become life-long learners, 2.) I want them to learn to respect themselves and authority, and 3.) I want them to know how to work hard.

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